Why The Rich Wage A War On Woke

It’s about their power, not yours.

Joshua Edward
10 min readJun 8


Image by Sascha Hoffmann from Pixabay

Vivek Ramaswamy, a really wealthy biotech investor who likes to pretend that he is a living example that the American Dream is alive and well, has launched his campaign to become the next U.S. President. His platform is based almost entirely on his critique of wokeness among corporations and government institutions. In a video from 2021, Vivek angrily claims that “wokeism” is the new secular religion in America, and that it has created a culture of fear where good ordinary people are afraid to lose their jobs, fail their classes, and be persecuted for not capitalizing the letter B.

He goes on to declare that woke culture has completely eroded freedom of speech in America and that the Constitution is under attack.

Vivek declares wokeism as the number one issue facing the world today.

Vivek is echoing what is becoming the commander-in-chief talking point for the GOP in America, as is becoming a dominant factor in politics throughout the entire English-speaking world, and in several European nations including Sweden, Italy, Spain, Hungary, and Germany.

Yes, Germany. The one place where absolutely no one wants to see a resurgence of right-wing extremism is, in fact, becoming Anti-Woke. Just like Nazism, the right-wing driven War on Woke got its start in the most racist and bigoted country of them all:

The United Kingdom.

While it is popular to believe that American Republicans started the anti-woke movement, the seeds actually came from left-wing British social critics and satirists. One of the leading voices for this was comedian Andrew Doyle, who created a parody Twitter Account under the moniker Titania McGrath.

The idea was to demonstrate how extremely stupid privileged illiberal elitist thinking could be.

Doyle described Titiana as a:

Radical intersectionalist poet committed to feminism, social justice and armed peaceful protest who identifies as non-binary, polyracial and ecosexual.

She was raised by parents who lavished her with gifts and money to distract her from her oppression.

She became woke through the Bible passage of the…



Joshua Edward