Who Won The War? China.

How the expanding superpower has turned Russia into a vassal state.

Joshua Edward
5 min readMar 24


hPhoto by Bruce Röttgers on Unsplash

Years from now, the West will have eliminated its Russian economic connections, and all things Russian will be even less popular than they were in the 1970s and 80s. Russia’s economy will adjust accordingly, however, because of the enormous help it will get from its new Chinese overlords.

The result will be a new Russian economy and nation that is entirely dependent upon China, and entirely accountable to Beijing.

This new economy will be poorer and technologically backward, but sustainable, and that’s all that matters. State-run Russian media will make the pill easier to swallow for the proud Russian people, who will have little to no idea that their country has become a subject of their neighbors.

The Future Of Russia

China will consume the bulk of Russian exports, and in return, Russian will adopt a fully yuanised financial system, so that their pariah of a currency (Ruble) will be based on one that is globally useful.

The sanctioned leaders of the Russian security services and the military will become the country’s new elite, and most will be veterans of the Ukrainian campaign, thus having no experience of traveling to the West since 2014.

Many will have children in top Chinese universities since they won’t be allowed into western countries.

The place to go for the Russian elite will be Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Most will only have heard of New York, Paris, and London, and likely what they know about those cities will be highly propagandized.

How It Happens

Mr. Putin likes to frame his assault on Ukraine as an act of rebellion against American global dominance and a leap toward full Russian sovereignty — the reality is very different.

After over a year of war, Russia is increasingly dependent on China as a market for its commodities as a source of critical imports, and as its most important diplomatic partner amid its growing global isolation. In 2022 China accounted for nearly 30% of Russian exports and 40% of its imports.



Joshua Edward