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The millionaire mindset is psychopathy, not some secret enlightened sense of prosperity thinking.

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Throughout my life, there has been one popular and broad-reaching self-help productivity coaching craze after another, and they all have one thing in common — the problem isn’t the world, it’s that you need to get out of your own way, and change the way that you think.

My personal…

It’s better to be jobless in Europe than employed in America.

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I am an American living in France, and Like so many others during the covid-19 era, my financial situation has become difficult. Right now I am partially employed, but for several months I had absolutely nothing. Very recently, I was offered a full-time financial analysis management job in Florida, one…

The one-percent exists because of men who rejected competition and instead believed in cooperation and morality.

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The biggest economic problem today is not political, it is cultural. As long as society continues to worship the wealthy, we will not be able to progress beyond the current economic model that breeds rampant inequality, extreme excess, and enormous waste. …

The economic system isn’t bringing out the best in people, it’s stifling talent and encouraging people to pursue meaningless work that contributes to climate change.

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Is climate change really a problem? According to the global community of international climate scientists the European Union and NASA, yes. Despite that, hundreds of millions of people are doing absolutely nothing to stop it.

I am one of those people.

Sure, I try to turn off the lights when…

Even though there is no hope for social progress, sanity counts for something.

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In 2021, David Sirota delivered two profound criticisms of American political culture. The first was Meltdown, an eight part podcast that adeptly dismantled the legacy of the Obama administration, and cast aside any lingering doubts we may have had that banks and large corporations entirely own America. …

Joshua Edward

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